Saturday, January 16, 2010


Macro photo is my current obsession. I'm so in love with macro photo, because i thought it's unique. We can get bokeh and there's something special with macro photo.
look those photo. How beautiful is that.

by: Joakim Kreamer
he has a super great talent for macro photo. i called him a specialist. hahaha
visit his gallery and see how incredible he blended with nature.
he can produce something different only from a water drop.

Colorful flowers II by: Othman Fahd
his gallery full of plants photo. he did a macro photo.
and he used nikon d60. it's same with me, but i can't get a same result as he did :(
the one special thing is he got an awesome colors in his picture.
how awesome ! <3

finally, i got my 1st drop photo.
i knew it's still far from good :')

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