Friday, June 4, 2010

Haru Matsuri 5

Last weekend I came to Japan Festival which is call Haru Matsuri 5. It has been 4 months since the last time I visited this silimiar event. I used to visit Japan Festival very often, but now I’m not. Just come if my band will perform. Not too interested anymore.
The weather was so hot and bright. That was a right time to stay at home with a fan and cold watermelon. But show must go on. Situation at backstage was also uncool. Hot, stale, and small. And we almost late. So I have no time to took any picture. So I give you some backstages photo in a past perform.

Our performance wasn’t bright as the sun. There’re some problem with Daniel’s guitar and the beat. And suddenly, the bright sun was changed by cloudy. It was rain when we felt save in dressroom.

And the interested one is the mineral water which is from committee. Umm… at least interested for me :) That merk! Remembering me with someone.

Okay, i have 2 reasons why I would like to spent my time in Japan festival:
Firstly, Rosemary marian. I’m manage. I should accompany them and photographed.
Second, Takoyakiiiiiiii!!! Takoyaki is a kind of Japan snack. A flour and egg ball with octopus inside. So yummyyy, you guys should try it!

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