Monday, August 23, 2010


August 22 - Yesterday was my birthday. I was officially nineteen years old. And as last year, my birthday coincided with fasting month. Just can't believe it. It's ramadhan again, it's my birthday again. Sometimes, i feel like lost my time.
Yesterday also was g-r-e-a-t ! I got two surprises this year! At first from my work-mate also with boys from high school. And second from my best buddies.

I got my job back. So it means back home late again. Just a day before my birthday, my work-mate also my high school friend turned nineteen. Let me says ' Happy Birthday, Ikhsan. You're getting older. I mean us. ' He is on August 21.

I'd been prepared a little surprise for him. Me and other work mates gave him a spongecake. But that wasn't the surprise. We threw him with some eggs and wheat flour. My friend even poured him with dirty water. Ewww poor him. Actually i was the brain of all of it. I know he would avenged. And i was right, he came to our work place. Actually, he shouldn't because he took a day off. He already had a plan. And poor me, his friends of our high school friend also came. Of course not for celebrated my birthday, but ask treating to Ikhsan hahahaha. But it got worse for me.

My work mate gave me a pudding cake as a birthday cake with nineteen's candle. That candle i used to Ikhsan birthday 24hours ago hahahhaha. They greeted me of " HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DESSY! " and ... plok! One of them threw me with an egg and the other come afterwards. My highschool boys also threw me with a dirty water after rain. It was disgusting! And continued with jogging in the night. I tried to chase them, i wont be the one who got wet. But i didnt get even one of them. My irresponsible highschool friend left me after messed up. Great!
I was all wet, stink, and chilled. Didn't bring any dry clothes but Ikhsan borrowed his.

Fortunately, they didn't take any photo. But Ikhsan's photo above was describing me enough.

At the night, my best buddies come to my work place to gave me the second surprise. They brought a cake an greeted a loud chorus. And with a silly face, i claped hand as they did. That was sweet, my name was written in the cake. After blew and slice the cake, suddenly Epi took off my eyeglasses and i dont know who, dabbed cream of cake to my face. Huhuuuuu i love them so badly.

Lastly, i want to thank you all for the wishes, attention, and greets. I hope our wishes come true. That was the sweetest birthday i've ever had. Thank you so much, dutchiesssss! Love you so much, you guys means a lot for me! <3
Dooohhh, Next year going to twenty! Noooooooo, two-headed age.

My parents? Didn't give me any special treatment for me.

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