Wednesday, March 17, 2010


It's been a while since my last posting. I been busy lately.
I got a part time job. But it was really spending my time.
Fyi, my job isn't a kind of awesome job. You know what i mean with part time.
This job gave me a precious lesson. And looking for money isn't easy as we thought.
I spent all my time outside, and i have no time to hanging out as i want before.
But it was fun. I got a lot of friends. And when i was working, there's always a joke inside.

The most righfully proud moment when i got my first salary. Not a big salary. But i really proud of it. I bought a Aquapix with my own money. Okay it's cheap :p. But am i wrong if i'm proud of myself ?

Actually, this job was a secretly job. Only my closest friends who know that. Even my parents.
And how stupid i am, i told my mom about my job. Obviously she hated my decision.
Yeah, i knew, she have a reason. She just afraid it would disturbing my college.
She asked me to out of this job. Its really hard, i love this job.
Dont blame my job if i skipped college. Skipped college is my hobby :p
Hope you understand mom..

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