Tuesday, April 13, 2010

result of aquapix

Finally i got my Aquapix Underwater.
And i have spend 2 rolls film. I'm a newbie about toy camera.
In my first roll, there're 24 good enough picture. It would be 36 pictures in one roll if it was successful. 3 of them ;

took at Animal Exhibition.
What a cute doggies! I always want one of thooseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :(

result of underwater.
It could be good enough if the camera didn't moved after take a shoot.

Studying from my previous failure, If you use film with asa 200 you should take a outdoor picture, and more better in a sunny day. Be carefull with camera movement.
And another 12 failed pictures of first roll were caused by brightless.

My 2nd roll wasn't better. There's a problem with the roll film.
Can you imaginated, almost all of them are failed !
I give you a tips, don't be hasty to spending your film if only want to see the result.

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