Sunday, December 26, 2010

2010 and 2011

Oh my Godness, it's end of December, and also end of 2010. 5 days left to New Year!!
It feels like yesterday, i just celebrated new year with friend.
What do you planning on for new year's eve? Hanging out with friend or your lovely one, spending time with family, fireworks, or just watching Tv at home? Hahaha just kidding.
Those are sounds great. I haven't prepared about new year's eve. It seems i would spending time at work.
But i dont know, some friends of mine already had a plan.

And i wanna say, Thanks God for all you've done to me.

This year, i got a lot of happiness, experiences, laugh, sadness, and other.
This year, i tried new experience. Trying produce my own money. Worked with other. Being professional, and independen women.
This year, i was turning nineteen. And my friends gave me the best adorable birthday ever. How sweet.
This year, i was fall in love with the guy i shouldn't fall in.
This year, i can filled my requirements with my own way.
This year, makes new friends, failed at classes.
This year, Indonesia was crying. Disasters are everywhere.
But overall, 2010 was being so nice with me. Thanks for my God :')

Flashback on my 2010's memories

celebrating new year at Saras's.
My trumpet organized as flied fish, and i was forgetting to take it home. But it still at saras's room at same place until now. 

brought nikkor 50mm f/1.8D
Not to expensive than i thought, but spending enough my money.

Ncek's birthday on last August
Gave some friends a blast surprise birthday. I'm such surprises maker, i also got mine.

Brought an iPod touch 4th Generation.
For this, i spent almost all of my money. But it really useful for me. Rescuing me from boredom.

Last year, i didn't make a resolution for next year. I let time go on by its way. But i decide, i should make a resolution for next year.
 In 2011, i have to be a better human. Stoping all of my bad habbit. Be a nice daughter. Graduate college as soon as possible. Go around Indonesia. Out from this house. And many other.
 So guys, what's yours? Hope 2011 will be my year!
Oh, in 2011 i'm going 20 years old. So oldddddddddddd! Two-headed-ages -________-

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