Friday, December 24, 2010

I'm back on Christmas

It's been ages, peeps! How it's going?! I know i'm such a bad blogger, last post was around September, but it's already December. Wow, Happy Christmas Break peeps! I'm really excited about Chirtmas. Although I'm  not celebrating Christmas. Christmas is beautiful, twinkle lights on, trees, candies, gifts and the others. And snow. I never ever seen the real snow in my entire life. My country has no winter season.
My auntie is celebrating Christmas and that's why i know about those stuffes. We come to visit her every Christmas. Candies and cookies are everywhere. They're also have a small christmas tree.

Those are some photo of Christmas in every country

Christmas in Los Angeles

Christmas in Korea

Dublin, Irlandia

Tokyo, Japan

And Stuffes. Lovely ...

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