Thursday, May 13, 2010

High School

High school is one of the best moments i ever had. And i guess, now i'm agree wth statement who said ' High school is the best moment ever '. Previously, i thougt Junior was the best. But, you know.. God always giving us best to the best :)

On the first year, i was a tomboy girl. I wasn't ashame to join and play with the boys. Played an extremely game, and i'm only the one girl who played 'kuda tomporok - sorry, i don't know in english'
Those boys also never thought i'm a girl, they thought i'm a boy same with them ;(. So.. There wasn't special treatment for me. If you asked to my first year friends, what memory you must remember about me? I bet they would answer 'She was a distributor porn video.'
I admitted, i used to watch porn video with them *by cellular phone without feel horny or something. I know they felt it too. But i'm not remember if i was a distributor :/

Second year was a crazy year. A year where all this memories started. I made friend with some crazy girls. We got a nickname who called 'Geng Gaul', you shouldn't know what it mean. Okay, it doesn't matter if only some friends used that nickname, but it would be a problem if one generation called us too. Do you think it just for a while? No! That nickname, still used for call me. And the most pitiable off all of it is... They calls me Boss or leader from geng gaul ! BANG! But now i enjoying it, it's funny if i remember how angry i am when they calls me boss.

The third year was being a best year ever. You know, separation waiting for us. I love my last class and also my classmates. We were stick together, celebrated Mrs. Sundus's birthday, cheated together and there're other precious moments that i can't said one by one.

-situasion of my class. I missed them so badly

-celebrated mrs. Sundus's birthday <3

Besides, my life wasn't stuck in my class. I got my best buddies ever. I love them much. They were a part of me. Now, even we're apart, but we still keep in touch. I know it's not easy.
With different schedule, different campus, different way, and different time,and without we realized we became different people. Sometime, there's a problem. But what we just need is understanding each other :)

from nothing to be something :)

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