Sunday, May 16, 2010


i woke up this morning because shout of father. Yeah, his bad habit. No matter weekend or weekday he always shouting. I started my day with a cup of brown coffee. Then, i went 'to my rabbit's cage to feeding them with some vegetables, i was shocked! There're was like clod of meat. I asked to myself 'Who gave some meat for my rabbits? But when i saw closer... That wasn't meat, IT WAS BUNNYS, BABIES OF MY RABBITS! I was pretty shocked. I know, Ashley was pregnant, but i didn't supposed if it was the time! I shouted immidiately, 'Mom, Ashley got babies!' My mother was shocked as i was. We didn't know what to do. Actually, we had gotten babies of our pets, but it was hamster. Hamster is easy pet. So we hadn't met any difficulties. But it's rabbits. I should do the right thing to my lovely pets. Ashley have been with us for more than one year.

Then, my mother asked me to separating Ashley & Jackson (dad of babies :B) with the babies. There're 7 babies, but 2 of them dead because trapped in cage. I was too late to save them ;(. Even, one of them had been dead with tragically. Like mutilated victim, his head separated with the body. Can you imaginated? By the way, congratulation for me, Ashley and Jackson.
BUUUUUU, i'm to be a grandma. hehehee
I'm proud of you, Shley!! <3



Pic of babies

but itsn't mine. I google it

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